You create your reality

You live in your own world. Have you ever wondered what is it like for another person? It does not matter, though it may be true that we are related, we still live in our own world most of the time. Our worlds may only overlap at certain points.

And you determine what is on the outside, by what is on the inside. Certainly not the other way round.

But what is on the inside? Your feelings, and these make up your state of being. What highs or lows that you experience on the outside corresponds to rises or falls within you.

Decide to take back your responsibility. The best place to begin is where you are, right now.

Remember, you own all that you experience and feel, but you are not them. You have created them. How can the creator be the same as his creations? Wouldn't that stop you from creating some more? If you could not create any more, wouldn't you cease to be a creator?

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