What are my 'subscribe via email' options?

1. Why 'subscribe via email'?

A. To get this blog emailed to you, one post per email, right from the first post until the present post.

B. If you have no time to read through this blog now, just subscribe and you will not miss anything.

2. How often do I get an email from you?

A. The first seven posts are emailed to you within 17 days (not counting this post). After that, one post is emailed to you after every five days.

3. In how many ways can I receive the posts if I 'subscribe via email'?

After inputting your email address, you will be shown an email subscription page where you can choose to receive the posts via one of the following:

A. your regular email account
B. Skype
C. AOL instant messenger
D. Twitter (public; for your followers)
E. Twitter (private; direct to you only)

4. I am ready to subscribe now.

A. Great! Here is the subscription form.
B. After signing up, you will receive an email almost immediately, to activate your subscription.

(Don't want to read? Listen instead. However, be aware that this blog is written primarily to be read. Also, you may want to follow through the clickable links.)

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