I can't help feeling bad

Feelings play a role. They give us a message. Feelings are a form of communication from our unconscious self.

Don't do something that makes you feel bad but, if bad feelings surface nonetheless, you are already containing it and it is now replaying in order for you to have a chance to release it. In other words, an opportunity to heal that part of you that has been hurt in the past.

This is good news because once this negativity is released, you are that much lighter and one step nearer to achieving your wishes.

The easiest way to do this is to do it with love. There is no competition and therefore, it is irrelevant to judge. There is only you and the outcome is feedback for you. This feedback is valuable for your next steps. Take a power pause and feel yourself empowered.

(Don't want to read? Listen instead. However, be aware that this blog is written primarily to be read. Also, you may want to follow through the clickable links.)

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