How can power pause help me?

The PowerPause is a 3-minute, 3-step formula for success

This is helpful if you do not have a lot of time to spare. You only have to be sincere and consistent. Do this once a day or more, during your spare moments(but do not rush it) or at the same time everyday.

This is really how you can get 'there' from 'here'. Remember that the thinking that got you here can't get you there. This is especially true if you find yourself stuck in a pattern and then often, despite your efforts, you still find yourself within the familiar pattern, (even if there is a little improvement).

Over twenty-five years in the making

This formula is not conceived overnight or on purpose at all. Not that you can't come up with this yourself either, yes, when one is tested, one is often forced to come up with solutions different from what one is used to, better known as thinking out of the box.

True 'thinking out of the box' is really a form of leveraging.

There is no competition

In case you have the scarcity mindset, ask yourself, "is there another person exactly the way I am?"

If you still find yourself in competition with someone else, rest assured that that person is you (or your ego).

How can I take a Power Pause?

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