Why do I need to take a Power Pause?

You need to take the Power Pause because you are just a normal being with your fair share of challenges. When you are really distressed though, you may even feel that it is unfair.

Firstly, empower yourself; acknowledge that it is your challenge(s) and it is your feeling(s) (that you are feeling). You own it (because you created it), not vice versa, and you are certainly not your feelings nor challenges!

You have created such challenge(s) for the purpose of advancing yourself.

Now how much you can advance, depends on your ability to respond to your challenge.

(At this point, would you cry, "unfair"? Wouldn't that be like walking backwards?)

When you take a Power Pause, you are aiding yourself. When you do that, others will naturally gravitate towards you to aid you some more.

Finally, no matter where you are, be grateful for the opportunity to experience the challenge. You may not know why or how it will unfold, but once you are past it, you will know why, if you wish to know.

Who believes in the Power Pause?

P.s : When you feel the pain, you may even plead, there is no doubt that you are sincere. Even then, know that it is for the betterment of yourself even if you cannot understand why.

How can you not be touched if all this (the good things that would otherwise not be made known to you, the pain and all) is orchestrated for the sake of nothing and no one else but you and you alone? You are that important.

Let your tears signify your gratitude to your self within you. You are tearful for you are so touched, how can the self within you not be?

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