You influence your environment

It is possible that you may find this post to be contradictory to the previous one, and perhaps it is.

When your heart has loving kindness, you feel at home wherever you are. Truly, it is a mixture of love and kindness; this should clarify for you the type of love that I mean. In short, you are experiencing god and the only way for you to know it is to feel it for yourself.

But what kind of events can trigger such a state of being? The initial months after giving birth, for example. Nonetheless, you can feel this way if you are concerned of someone because you love that person, the unselfish kind of loving (kind).

If this delicious state is the way your life is, good for you. It also means that you are living in the moment (present). If not, let this be your intention and start experimenting.

Do not be fooled that this has nothing to do with anything else. It is everything. (It is also true that love is everything.) If you have experienced it before, you know that this is a good feeling and you know joy.

Why do I say that you influence your environment? For instance, if you used to feel fear when you are at a certain place, you will be pleasantly surprise that you don't anymore. The place has not changed, only you have.

And if you are really living in this state of being, it is this way wherever you are. In short, you feel at home wherever you are, because you are at home with yourself.

Similarly with fear in your heart. If this is what you always feel in your heart, you will not really fit in wherever you are. If this is how you live your life, how can you may be seriously thwarted; how will your desires and your purpose be fulfilled?

Find out what is the cause of this fear. If you don't already know it, ask yourself and let the answer come. Then act so that this fear is removed.

Take back your power through your ability to respond (responsibility) - you choose the way you live. Life does not happen to you; you choose it and you do it all the time, whether you know it or not.

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