Face your challenge

First of all, remember that you have chosen for this test to appear at this time (to help you evolve). Now that it appears, why would you shirk from it?

Face it yes, but not let it get ahead of you. Remember that you are the one who made your choice, the test did not choose you (does that sound funny?). Then why do you act like it is the first cause, and not you? (You are the first cause in your world.)

Neither avoid, resist nor worry it.

If this brings you to not know what to do, take a pause, (take a deep breath if it helps) ask yourself what to do and allow the answer to come.

Whether it is a test that requires an urgent response from you or not, you do always know what to do. If you feel otherwise, could you be avoiding the test (or its best solution as you know it)?

(Don't want to read? Listen instead.)

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