Take a vacation

And I mean it, not just a pause, but a vacation, for as long as you can.

If you are stressed out staying where you are, it is more than just a good idea to take a vacation. You can literally take refuge in a remote location.

It has to be a place that feels different from the present place but it does not have to be exotic or be at a considerable monetary expense at all. It feels like a different world to you because it inherits a different kind of energy.

And you will be influenced by your surroundings. During this time, you can take stock and perhaps change course or you may come up with ideas to manage your affairs when you return.

As for how long, that depends on how long you have been stressed out (and therefore, how off course you are). For example, if you have been struggling for decades, a year or so of vacation may be ideal.

Or, the less focussed you are, the more time you need to find yourself.

(Don't want to read? Listen instead.)

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