How do you deal with your challenges?

You must have heard of this phrase; the fight or flight response. In regard to the former, you may also have heard that 'what you resists persists'. The same applies to the flight response (you may be able to delay, but it will resurface sooner or later).

Do it this way - face it, but not alone.

Remember that (however hard it is), this is a test that you have chosen earlier to improve an aspect of yourself (which will in turn improve your whole self). What matters is the outcome (of the test). How it can be influenced lies in the way you respond - that is how you make a difference.

The above link opens up another post, in case you have not been reading this blog chronologically. If you have, you will understand what I mean by facing the challenge, but not alone.

So does John, author of the Power Pause. How does John deal with his challenges?

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