My experience with the Power Pause

Whenever I face a challenge, I take 3 minutes to put the Power Pause 3 step formula into work, in my life.

It is the best 3 minutes I can ever make of and the best part is, I am doing this as a service to myself, if nothing else (or no one else does). And all it takes is 3 minutes.

When I am through, I feel much calmer. That in itself, is pretty much worth it.

However, that is not all - things do turn out how I wanted, if not better, in the end. But do not be mistaken that I 'force' my way. That would have resulted in a lot of resistance and I would be alone.

On the contrary, the 3 minutes put me into the flow again. (I was challenged only because I was not in alignment, now I realign.) If I was heading the wrong way (and getting a lot of things I did not want on the way), the 3 minutes gave me the opportunity to change direction.

P.s: Each challenge or resistance is after all, a reminder to myself and is therefore an opportunity. I can realign at any point but the sooner I take heed and take action, the sooner my suffering ends and the sooner I reach my goals.

(Don't want to read? Listen instead.)

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