The Power Pause package

Within the Power Pause package is 5 other ebooks, 3 transcriptions, 2 written compilations and 1 report. Some of them are accompanied by audio(mp3) files:

1.1 'Power Pause - The missing chapters' (+ audio book)

1.2 A transcription of 'The Power Pause - Q & A' (+ audio book)

1.3 A transcription of 'Power Pause - Official guide' (+ audio book)

2.1 The award winning bestseller; 'When you can walk on water, take the boat'

2.2 The sequel to the above bestseller; 'Morning has been all night coming'

2.3 The concluding episode of the trilogy of the bestseller; 'Journey in the fields of forever'

3. Articles 'from the mind and spirit' of John Harricharan

4. Special report - 'Intuition'

5. Listen to the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra and Richard Bach in 'Conversations'

6. A compilation of quotations and affirmations; 'Pause and reflect' by Anita Bergen

7. The global bestseller; 'The greatest money making secret in history!' by Dr. Joe Vitale who dedicated this book to John Harricharan. The forward was written by John.

These are all created by the author of 'Power Pause' himself, John (with the exception of the last two ebooks).

Since all written works come in pdf format and audio files come in mp3s, all the files are in digital format and therefore downloadable.

You can print them, read them on your computer, burn a CD of the audio MP3 files for listening in your car, or even download to your iPod or other portable MP3 players for listening anytime, anywhere. The choice is yours .

Complete, simple instructions are given on the download page to make sure you're able to get the Power Pause and each and every one of the valuable bonuses.

P.s: Remember,
if you have purchased the Power Pause through this site, forward me your ClickBank receipt and download a classic bestseller by Richard Bach.

(Don't want to read? Listen instead. However, be aware that this blog is written primarily to be read. Also, you may want to follow through the clickable links.)

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